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Oct 30, 2013 2:00am EDT
congress to defend sweeping surveillance programs that have the obama administration under fire. >> we do not spy on anyone except for valid foreign intelligence purposes. >> we would rather be here telling you why we defended these programs than having given them up and having our nation or our allies being attacked. >> reporter: the pressure on the obama administration over the secret programs continues to grow. one small bit of vindication. over the last week, outrage in france and spain after the reports say that nsa swept up millions of phone calls in those countries them nsa director confirmed the report in the "wall street journal" that it was actually french and spanish intelligence agencies that did the surveillance and passed it on to the nsa. >> we need to look at and make sure that we are not just gathering intelligence because we can but gathering it because we need it. >> the intelligence officials told congress yesterday allies spy on each other. it's part of the business. but the damage from these weeks has been done. john and diana. >> karen travers, thank you. >>> just a
Oct 30, 2013 5:00am EDT
the shootings and said he was feeling "edgy." >>> the obama administration plays offense and defense today on a new health care law. the president will speak today asking for patience with the web site while kinks are still being worked out. meantime his secretary of health and human services heads to capitol hill to face lawmakers. kathleen sebelius will answer questions about problems americans have had signing up for health insurance on-line. documents show that the main contractor warned the government will issues with the site before it went live. >> i want to apologize to you that the web site has not worked as well as it should. >> my problem with obamacare is not just the web site, it's the whole law. >> another issue people have, private plans. some may no longer exist because health care laws, the new one, requires companies to provide hospital coverage, maternity and prescription drugs. so those who didn't have this basic coverage must now buy a new plan. >>> on something you don't even want to think about, your child walking home from school when someone tries to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2